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new restaurant
open from

11:30am to 2:30pm for lunch &
5:30pm onwards for dinner
Enjoy the ultimate dining experience in our state of the art restaurant or relax with the family on the alfresco dining deck whilst the kids utilise our impressive playgrounds. Lunch and Dinner member specials available.
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Restaurant Menu

Breads & Entrees



Garlic Bread (v)5.57.5

Add Cheese (v) $6.5(M) $8.5(NM)
Add Cheese and Bacon $8.5(M) $10.5(NM)

Smoked Salmon Turkish Bruschetta 16.514.5

with Rocket, Avocado and Shaved Red Onion

Fried Soft Shell Crab 2018

Mesclun Cress, Lemon and Sriracha Mayonnaise

Salt & Pepper Calamari 1816

Rocket and Pear Salad served with Lemon and Garlic Aioli

Oven Roasted
Vegetable Salad 1715

of Baby Carrots, Beetroot, Fennel, Cherry Tomatoes, Eschallots and Rocket with Caramelised Balsamic and EVOO. (V, GF)
Add Grilled Chicken $17.5(M) $19.5(NM)

Panko Crumbed Squid 16.514.5

(6) with Mesclun Greens, Lemon and In House Tartare

To Share or To Indulge


ELC Tasting Plate2220

Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab, Salt and Pepper Squid with Lemon and Garlic Aioli and Prawns with Sriracha Mayonnaise


Seafood Plate 2927

Beer Battered Hoki, ELC Salt and Pepper Squid, Prawn Twisters, Panko Crumbed Calamari, Soft Shell Crab with Beer Battered Chips, Salad and in house Tartare, Aioli and Sriracha Mayonnaise.

Something Simple

All Burgers served with Beer Battered Chips

Grilled Haloumi and Field Mushroom Brioche Burger 1715

with Caramelised Onion, Slow Roasted Tomato and Rocket (v)


Grilled Rump Steak Sandwich 1917

Mixed Leaf, Tomato and Beetroot Onion Compote with Smoked Chipotle Aioli on Toasted Turkish

Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast BLT 1917

on Toasted Turkish, with Avocado Relish and Garlic Aioli

Ground Wagyu Beef and Bacon Burger 2018

Cheese, Salad, Fried Onion Rings on a Toasted Brioche Bun
(Double the Cheese $0.50,Double the Bacon $1.50, Double the Beef $4.00)

Panko Crumbed Free Range Chicken Breast Schnitzel16.518.5

served with Beer Battered Chips and Salad or Vegetables with your Choice of Sauce

ELC Caesar Salad 1715

(v with out Bacon / GF without croutons)Bacon, Parmesan, Poached Egg with our own Garlic Parmesan Mayonnaise
Add Chicken 17 19
Add Smoked Salmon 19 21

Gourmet Grilled Sausages 1816

with Creamy Garlic Mashed Potato, Buttered Beans and Peas, Sweet Onion Jam and Fried Chives

Roast of the Day

(g) with Steamed Seasonal Vegetables, Roast Chats, Pumpkin and Gravy

Members: Seniors–13 Large–15
Non-Mem: Seniors–15 Large–17

Grilled Thai Beef Salad 2018

(g) with Fresh Herb Mesclun, Beans and Cucumber with Nam Jim Dressing and Crispy Noodles.




Baked Mozzarella 1816

with Fresh Basil and Tomato

Screaming Eagle – Chefs Suggestion1917

Slow Braised Chilli Pulled Chicken with Maple Roasted Sweet Potato, Spanish Onion and Coriander Sour Cream

Meat lovers 20.518.5

Beef, Pork, Chicken Pizza with Rocket, Tomato BBQ Sauce, Fresh Herbs, Mushrooms and Shredded Mozzarella

Vegetarian Supreme 18.516.5

Mixed Oven Roasted Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, Tomato and Shredded Cheese Add Chicken 19 21

Children's Menu

For kids up to the age of 14 years old.


Ice Cream with Topping and Sprinkles 5.53.5

Chocolate Frog in a
Jelly Pond 5.53.5

Add a Kids Activity Pack 21

Crumbed Chicken
Tenderloins 12.510.5

with Chips and Salad

Grilled Scotch
Fillet Steak 12.510.5

with Chips and Salad or (g) with Baby Chats and Salad

Little Cheese Burger 12.510.5

with Chunky Fries

Ham and Pineapple Pizza12.510.5

with Chips and Salad

Crumbed Kids Fish 12.510.5

with Chips and Salad, Lemon and Tartare Sauce

Panko Crumbed Calamari 12.510.5

with Chips and Salad, Lemon and Tartare Sauce

Penne Bolognaise 12.510.5

with Tasty Cheese

Vegetarian Spaghetti 12.510.5

Roasted Tomato Sauce and Grated Cheese (v)

Grilled Chicken
Breast Salad (g) 12.510.5




Chicken Parmigiana 21.519.5

Grilled or Schnitzel with Fresh Tomato Coulis, Shaved Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Garlic Mash and Steamed Beans

Grilled Barramundi 2826

with Rosemary Buttered Chats, Wilted Baby Spinach and Sweet Tomato Chutney with in house Beer Battered Onion Rings

Grilled Atlantic Salmon 2826

Hot Salad of Baked Chats, Oven Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Green Beans, Poached Egg, with Fresh Lemon and Sriracha Mayonnaise.

Battered Fish and Chips

Beer Battered Hoki with Chunky Chips, Garden Salad and In House Tartare Sauce

Members: Seniors – 15 Large – 17
Non-Mem: Seniors – 17 Large – 19

Slow Braised Anise
Pork Belly 2826

with Asian Greens, Jasmine Rice and a Caramelised Chilli Ginger Glaze

Roasted Chicken Breast
Supreme Salad 2725

with Rocket, Roasted Pears, Beetroot, Radish and Chick Peas with Crisp Pancetta

Singapore Noodles 17.515.5

(v)Wok Fried Egg Noodles with Asian Vegetables and our own ELC Sauce add Chicken1820 add Beef 18.520.5 add Salt and Pepper Squid Topper18.520.5




Spaghetti Napolitano 16 14

with Fresh Herbs, Shaved Parmesan and Olive Oil
Add Chicken 16.5 18.5

Creamy Double Smoked Bacon Carbonara 18.5 16.5

with Button Mushrooms
Add Chicken 19 21

Creamy Garlic Pesto Chicken Spaghetti 1715

with Shaved Parmesan and Pine Nuts
Add Chicken 17.5 19


All Steaks served Char Grilled to your liking with Seasonal Vegetables or Garden Salad & Beer Battered Chips or Chat Potatoes with Gravy, Béarnaise, Dianne, Pepper or Mushroom Sauce. All Gluten Free with the Omission of the Beer Battered Chips


300g Scotch Fillet 3230

300g Black Angus
Rump Steak 30 28

400g T-Bone 32 30

300g Thick Cut Sirloin Steak 31 29

Rump and Ribs 34 32

200g Rump Steak and Smokey BBQ Ribs

Hot Rocks (g) options available

Hot rocks are cooking on volcanic stone, there are no fats or oils added meaning that you get a freshly grilled, tender & nutritious meal that tastes exactly as it should.

Lamb Rump 2927


Pork Rib Eye Fillet 250g 2527

Atlantic Salmon Fillet 200g 2628

Tasmanian Beef Eye
Fillet 300g 3436

Served with your choice of two: Steamed Vegetables, Salad, Chips or Mash and Sauce: Field Mushroom, Green Peppercorn, Dianne Sauce, Red Wine Gravy, Béarnaise

Have your Protein Cooked by Chef add $5 per


French Fries 7.55.5

(v) with Rosemary and Garlic Salt


Seasoned Wedges 11.59.5

(v) with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli

Beer Battered Chips 6.5/8 4.5/6

(v) Small / Large

Garden Salad 75

(g) (v) Mixed Mesclun Lettuce, Ripe Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot Julienne, Sprouts and 3 Herb Vinaigrette

Pear, Rocket and Shaved Parmesan Salad 97

(g) (v)

Seasonal Steamed and Baked Vegetables 86

(g) (v)

Garlic Buttered
Mash Potato 75

(g) (v)

Béarnaise (v) 2.52
Gravy (g) 2.52
Mushroom(g) 2.52
Dianne(g) 2.52
Green Peppercorn (g) 2.52



Caramelised Forrest Berry Compote and Vanilla Bean Brulee 10.58.5

with Cinnamon Palmiers [(g) without Palmiers]

Sticky Date Pudding 10.58.5

with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

ELC Sundae to Share or Indulge 1210

Warm Macadamia Nut Brownie, Caramelised Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream, Shaved Hazelnuts, Whipped Cream and Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Chefs Dessert of the Moment p.o.a

Ice Cream extra scoop
1 scoop / 2 scoop 3/42/3